I’m Chloe, a creative portrait and music photographer

God's creation in visual representation

To see my photography is to see my unique point of view. Through my lens, I can capture how I view the life I'm surrounded by. To capture is to record or express something in words or photos. That's my mission: to record beautiful moments in people's lives that make it all so special; to help them express themselves through visual representation.


Fact 1

I became a photographer in the beginning of 2022! I started working in the wedding industry, but after a while, I found myself more drawn to portraits and concerts.


Fact 2

I've taken up a lot of creative hobbies like dance, singing, piano, guitar...you name it. But when I picked up a camera in '22, I knew that it would stick.


Fact 3

I took a photography class in high school and had no interest in the subject at the time. I didn't do anything with photography for a while, but then a few years later I gave it a second chance and I'm so glad I did.


Fact 4

I also love to write! Aside from doing full-time photography, my dream is to become an author one of these days.